Georgina Kennel & Obedience Club show Nov 12-14, Sutton, ON

Hello again!  These next few weeks will be a busy time for me – you can catch me next at the Georgina Kennel & Obedience Club show in Sutton, ON.  I will be available for animal chiropractic treatments on site for most of the weekend (detailed times and dates to come), and to answer any questions about animal chiropractic and its benefits.

Did you know that chiropractic can help to improve your dog’s overall performance, including their gait and conformation? Get your dog a chiropractic tune-up before the show and see how they respond – you might be surprised!  (In a good way, I promise).

Look forward to seeing you there!



Show runs November 12-14th, at the Sutton Arena.

48 Hawkins Street, Suttton, ON

(3 short blocks from the lights at Hwy 48 and High St).