New Toronto Hours for Dr. G., Animal Chiropractor!

Dr. G now offers hours in Toronto



I am excited to report to you all that I will be able to offer occasional Saturday hours (approximately once per month) in West end Toronto!  Although the schedule is a little disjointed for the next few months, you can book your animal an appointment by calling: 416-231-2487.  The wonderful receptionists will be able to give you directions to the clinic.



Dr. G will be available on the following Saturdays for 2013:


May 25th

June 22nd

July 20th

August 10th

September 28th

October 12th (Thanksgiving weekend)

November 2nd

December 28th

January 4 (2014)



If you need chiropractic care for your pet in between these dates, Dr. Leo Rosenberg and Dr. Paul Rosenberg can assist your pet at this location in the meantime.



I look forward to seeing you soon!