Goodbye to Rosenberg Chiropractic Clinic

I have recently completed my locum / associate work at Rosenberg Chiropractic Clinic. I had a blast filling in there and will miss a lot of the fantastic clients that I met. Although I won’t be keeping regular hours there any longer, I suspect that I may moonlight there on occasion and hope to see you when I get the … Read More

New Toronto Hours for Dr. G., Animal Chiropractor!

Dr. G now offers hours in Toronto     I am excited to report to you all that I will be able to offer occasional Saturday hours (approximately once per month) in West end Toronto!  Although the schedule is a little disjointed for the next few months, you can book your animal an appointment by calling: 416-231-2487.  The wonderful receptionists will … Read More

Great Weekend at All About Pets Show 2013

Thank you to everyone who stayed to hear me speak about Animal Chiropractic this weekend!  It was a great time for me and who knows?  Maybe I’ll see you again next year 🙂 To anyone new that I met, it was great to chat with you — please feel free to contact me at anytime. Phone: 705-955-1301 Email: ~~~

Dr. Aerin Greidanus in The Highlander

Back in November, I was featured in an article in The Highlander.  I was interviewed by the lovely Erin Lynch, who also took some great photos! Link to article here A nice read.  Thanks Erin!! ~~~

All About Pets Show 2013 – Dr. Aerin Greidanus Interview

I was recently interviewed in promotion of the All About Pets Show in Toronto!   I will be speaking at the All About Pets Show, schedule yet to be determined. I will keep you posted as soon as I get confirmation of dates and times.     General information: All About Pets Show 2013 International Centre 6900 Airport Rd., Mississauga … Read More

An Interactive Look at a Joint – check it out!

Equine Guelph has succinctly explained how a joint can be affected by inflammation, using the equine pastern joint as an example: Click here to visit Equine Guelph site Also includes more information about causes of equine arthritis and the chance to inspect an x-ray.  Many thanks to Equine Guelph for this fun learning tool! ~~~

New website under construction for Animal Chiropractic!

Hello everyone — please check out my new website when you get the chance!  As soon as the site is up and running fully, I will no longer be posting to this blog.  In the meantime, you can watch the progress here:   Stay tuned!

In the News: Animal Chiropractic for the Triple Crown

Here’s an article I wanted to share with you all.  It was published in the New York Times, June 1, 2012 and is a great read about a practitioner who uses manipulation to work on some of the world’s most famous horses!  Enjoy the read:   Click here to access the New York Times article: “A Chiropractor for the Four-Legged … Read More